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Rental information
Rental process
Wifi introduction Rental process Rental terms and conditions
Wi-Fi introduction

Unite Traveler was founded in 2014. We provide 3G and 4G portable WI-FI routers and network services, allowing travelers to share travel experiences on the Internet overseas anytime, anywhere. In addition, our professional team performs stringent quality control over the devices for you. Having served over 500,000 customers, we draw on this experience to provide not only top-quality network services but also convenience and peace of mind to our customers.

What is a WI-FI router?

All mobile devices which able to surf on the Internet, such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablet computers, are compatible with the WI-FI router, offering users convenient Internet any time. The router provides users with better Internet access beyond their hotel or airport as long as it is within the service coverage of telecom companies in the target country.

What is the difference between a WI-FI router and a prepaid SIM card?

Prepaid SIM cards only provide connectivity to a single mobile device, and sharing the connection with other devices via a personal hotspot could result in faster depletion of battery, disconnection, and reduced speed…etc. Users also lose previous contacts and other essential information…etc. when changing a SIM card.

By comparison, WI-FI routers provide access to multiple mobile devices simultaneously. The cost of renting a router can be shared among a group of

friends while travelling together, making it a more affordable option for Internet connectivity.

How to use a WI-FI router?

Power on the router by holding the power button for 5 seconds

Locate the SSID and KEY on the back of the router

Go to the WI-FI menu on your mobile device, search for the device number, and connect to the network by entering the KEY

Successfully connect to the Internet


(1) A maximum of 5 devices can be connected simultaneously

(2) While using the WI-FI router, please recharge the device when only one bar of the battery remains. Please do not deplete the battery completely to avoid damaging the battery

Things to remember when using the WI-FI router

To prevent your mobile phone from entering roaming, we recommend switching your mobile phones to flight mode before connecting to the router. If you need to receive work calls overseas, we recommend that you deactivate your mobile data and data roaming services.

To prevent excessive data use, please turn off iCloud backup or photo stream on iOS systems. Also, please suspend the auto-update function for APPs. For Android systems, please disable the Auto-Update APPs over WI-FI only option on Google Play Store.

If the WI-FI router malfunctions on your trip, please call our customer service hotline for assistance.

The customer service center is NOT a toll-free number. You may provide your local contact number to the customer service representative, and he/she will return your call.

When the rental period has lapsed, it is difficult for us to determine the specifics of the malfunction. Regrettably, we may not be able to negotiate refunds in such instances.

Please do not operate the RESET function without instructions from a customer service representative. Improper operations may cause the device to become unusable.

Most of the devices have an automatic sleep function, which disconnects the device from your mobile device after a period without using WI-FI and reconnects with your mobile devices 5 seconds after the mobile device is in use.

Using an immense amount of data in a short period of time may violate the Fair Usage Policy (FUP). In this instance, the service provider may limit transmission speed or suspend the SIM card or device.

Fair Usage Policy

The surge in the use of smartphones worldwide has drastically limited wireless data capacity.

Although data usage is within the scope of our rental agreement, service providers may lock up the communication function of the device use when it detects immense data transmission in a short period of time without warning. The FUP is a consensus among telecommunication providers around the world. Unfortunately, it’s an inevitable issue. Therefore, please be careful when streaming video for a long period of time.

Rental process
  1. Online reservation: Website, airport counter
  2. Payment: Credit card, cash
  3. Collection: Airport counter, home delivery
  4. Services: WI-FI, customer service center
  5. Return: Airport counter, drop-off box, delivery service

Step1 [Online reservation]

  1. Please reserve a device online 48 hours prior to take-off.
  2. Log into our website for a variety of deals.

Place an order

Step2 [Payment]

  1. Online reservation – credit card
  2. Taoyuan International Airport – credit card/cash
  3. Kaohsiung International Airport –cash

Deals are limited to “online reservations using a credit card”

Step3 [Collection]

  1. Customers with reservation can collect their device at Taoyuan International Airport, Kaohsiung International Airport, or Songshan Airport within office hours.
  2. Please provide the user’s name, contact phone number, and confirmation letter at the counter. The device will be ready for collecting upon successful authentication.
  3. Complete the “Credit Card Pre-Authorization Form”. (No deposit is required. The card information will be stored as a reference, and the contract will lapse once the device is returned undamaged)
  4. Customers that cannot collect their device at the airport can choose to have the device delivered to their homes.

A customer service representative will call the customer two days before take-off to confirm their delivery information

The device will be sent one day prior to take-off

For four or more devices, please contact customer service representative to pay an additional delivery fee (03-399-2378)

Note 1. The customer is responsible for the home delivery fee

Note 2. Devices are powered by lithium batteries. Therefore, they cannot be transported by air. Home deliveries are limited to the main island of Taiwan.

Step4 [Services]

  1. Online customer service representatives are available every day of the week from 09:00 a.m. to 24:00 a.m. Please contact our customer service center for assistance if you have trouble using your WI-FI router.
  2. The customer service center is NOT a toll-free number. You may provide your local contact number to the customer service representative, and he/she will return your call.

Customer service hotline: +886-3-399-2378/+886-979-771-300

Customer service e-mail: [email protected]

Official LINE ID: @utwifi_service

Step5 [Return]

  1. Devices can be returned to any airport counters within office hours (collect and return at different locations). There are drop-off boxes at Taoyuan International Airport and Kaohsiung International Airport for after-hour returns.
  2. If you cannot return the devices at the airport, please contact a customer service representative for returning via delivery service. The customer is responsible for paying the delivery fee.

Please mail the devices to Unite Traveler – Customer Service Unit

Rm 5B07, 5F., No. 8-1, Hangqin North Rd., Dayuan Dist., Taoyuan City

33758, Taiwan (R.O.C)


For use in Taiwan

[Reservation ] / [Payment]

How do I rent a device?

Place an order on our website

Orders are accepted at least 48 hours prior to take-off for collection at Taoyuan International Airport, Songshan Airport, or Kaohsiung International Airport, and at least 72 hours prior to take-off for deliveries to hotel or specific location. Please ensure the correctness of the address. Reservations can be made up to 6 months prior to take-off.

Rental counter

Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1: Service counter at 1F arrival hall (00:00-24:00)

Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2: Service counter at 1F arrival hall (05:30-01:00)

Songshan Airport: Service representative (05:30-23:00)

Kaohsiung International Airport: Service counter (06:00-24:00)

[Note] Days of rental are calculated based on the day of pick-up at the counter

How are the WI-FI fees calculated? Do I need to pay a deposit?

  1. Fees are calculated in days, from the day of departure to the day of arrival (Taiwan time). The rental period cannot be selected.
  2. No matter if you are paying by cash or a credit card, all rentals are deposit-free with a copy of signed damage compensation consent. Otherwise, the deposit is as follows:

WI-FI router (incl., SIM card)



TWD 3,300

TWD 150 per item

TWD 4,000


* (charger, battery, connector, USB cable, instruction manual…etc.)

What are the modes of payment?

  1. Credit card
  2. Cash (only for counter rentals)

I’ve made a booking online. How do I know if the booking was successful?

If the booking was successful, the system will automatically send a confirmation e-mail to your mailbox. You can also log into the system and check the order history.

[Note] Free e-mail service providers such as Yahoo, Hotmail, and PChome may deem the confirmation e-mail as spam.

How can I change the details of my booking?

  1. If your departure time is more than 48 hours, you may add or cancel bookings on our website to add or cancel devices.
  2. If your departure is less than 48 hours, bookings cannot be changed by the customer. Please call our customer service hotline at 886-3-3992378 or e-mail us. Changes are confirmed once you have received a response from us. A small handling fee of TWD150 will be charged. Changes are not guaranteed, and will only be approved when devices or inventory are available. That is, we cannot guarantee you can make a modification successfully if you change the booking within 48 hours prior to collection.

How do I cancel my booking? Will there be an additional cost?

You will receive a full refund without handling fee if you cancel your booking 2 days before departure.

A handling fee of TWD 150 will be charged per booking when the

cancellation is made within 2 days from departure as the device has already been reserved for you.

We will charge a handling fee if the renter does not collect their devices on the scheduled collection date.

Refunds will not be provided for early returns.

If the device is unusable, please contact our customer service representative for solving the problems. If the device is still unusable after assisting by them, please inform them about it when returning the device. A full refund will be provided to you with help by the customer service representative once we have tested the device and confirmed that the malfunction was not due to human error.

A full refund will be provided to you without handling fee if delivery service is canceled 3 days prior to departure. A refund will not be provided if delivery service is canceled within 3 days and the device has been delivered. A handling fee of TWD 50 per booking will be charged if the device has not yet been delivered.

How can I obtain a receipt?

We use “ECPay” as our credit card payment platform.

After booking with Unite Traveler, three options concerning the receipt will be prompted:

Donate – Receipts will be donated to the Syin-Lu Welfare Foundation

E-receipt – E-receipts are available from 25 January 2018. Please provide your e-mail to receive an e-receipt.

Triplicate receipt (for company payment application) – E-receipts are available from 25 January 2018. Please provide a uniform invoice number, business name, and mailing address to receive an e-receipt in the form of a printable PDF.


Receipts cannot be retrieved once they are donated

Paper receipts will be sent between 7-14 working days (excl., public holidays) from the date of collection.

What do I do with the receipt if I’ve canceled my booking?

We use “ECPay” as our credit card payment platform

Call our customer service hotline at 03-3992378 to cancel your booking within 2 days before departure.

Once the cancellation is approved by us, a handling fee of NTD 150 will be charged. ECPay will send an e-mail containing a link to the “Unite Traveler E-Receipt Allowance Consent Form”. Please complete the form to apply for a refund of e-receipt of the remaining amount.

Please click the link of the “Unite Traveler E-Receipt Allowance Consent Form” for confirmation. You will receive the refund in 7-14 working days. * The link has a valid period of 72 hours. Please click the link before it expires.

The refund will be present in your next credit card bill. Refund details will be based on your credit card’s bill closing date.

Can booking receipts be consolidated or separated?

Based on relevant financial regulations of E-invoice, only one receipt will be used per booking. Receipts cannot be consolidated or separated.

What should I do if I provided the wrong uniform invoice number, e-mail, or delivery address?

Please call our customer service hotline at 03-3992378 for


I’ve won the receipt lottery. How do I collect my winnings?

We use “ECPay” as our credit card payment platform

ECPay will send a confirmation letter to the e-mail provided by the lottery winner on the 29th of the odd months. Unite Traveler will contact the winner to confirm his/her mailing address. A paper receipt will be sent in 7-14 working days.


What do I do if my departure terminal has been changed temporarily?

Please provide a valid form of identification at the counter and inform the customer service representative of your change. The representative will handle your booking.

Alternatively, please contact our customer service hotline at 886-3-3992378

What if I do not collect my device on the collection date when I arrived at Taiwan?

The booking will be canceled if the device is not collected on the collection date. You will receive a refund minus a handling fee of TWD 150.

What if I wanted to extend my stay abroad after I collected the device when I arrived at Taiwan?

Please contact us via our customer service hotline or e-mail. Inform us of the planned date of return. The rental fee will be calculated until the date of departure.

A customer service representative will inform you about the mode of payment.


My rental period has lapsed. How will the rental fee be calculated?

Drop-off boxes are available in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of Taoyuan International Airport. Please feel free to use them.

Overdue fees are calculated based on the rental cost multiplied by the number of days overdue.

If the delay in return is attributed to reasons beyond the renter's control (e.g., flight delay or natural disaster), please provide evidence of the fact to us. Once approved, the payment of the overdue fees will be deducted.

Leaving Taiwan: I have already cleared customs, and I have forgotten to return my device on that day at Taoyuan International Airport. What do I do?

Counter staff cannot go beyond customs. If you have time, please clear customs and return the device to the service counter.

Leaving Taiwan: I have forgotten to return my device on that day at Taoyuan International Airport, and I have left Taiwan. What do I do?

  1. Please call our customer service hotline or e-mail us within three days from the planned date of return. You may return the device through international delivery as soon as possible. Note: you will be responsible for paying the delivering fee.

Receiver: Unite Traveler (Customer Service Unit).

Address: Rm. 5B07, 5F., No. 8-1, Hangqin North Rd., Dayuan Dist., Taoyuan City 33758, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

  1. If a record of contact cannot be found within three days, we will request compensation for the device based on the “Loss and Damage Compensation Consent Form”.


Why is streaming video or the speed still limited on an unlimited plan?

To maintain network connection quality and Fair Usage Policy, telecommunication providers worldwide sometimes limit the speeds of customers who use a large amount of data within a short period of time, making the customers unable to surf the Internet or slower speeds. Therefore, we recommend our customers to refrain from streaming video, watching online TV, video-chatting, and playing online games…etc., as well as deactivating the auto-update functions of 3C products or the data transfer functions of cloud drives.

Regulations of Use and Compensation for Damage or Loss of Rental Devices
Regulations of Use and Compensation for Damage or Loss of Rental Devices
  1. The applicant (“User”) shall return all the devices, accessories and packaging box provided by Unite Traveler at the end of the rental period. Any loss or damage of (including missing pieces or damage when returning whether by mail or not) the equipment outlined above, resulting damage to Unite Traveler, the User shall bear full responsibility of the compensation costs. The User hereby agrees to, and authorizes Unite Traveler the use of the credit card provided by the User during the application against the compensation costs; further consents will not be required. The User shall abide by the regulation hereabove without objection.
  2. The User shall return the rental products before the end of last day of the rental period (if returned by mail, the postmark shall be deemed as the date of return), otherwise a late charge will be imposed. The late charge will be calculated from the date of overdue to the date the User returns the products (Late Charge calculation = daily rental fees*number of overdue days). If the User cannot return the products in time due to force majeure events (such as flight delays, unexpected natural disasters), the User may provide a written notice with relevant proofs to Unite Traveler for verification. With approval from Unite Traveler, the late charge may be waived.
  3. If the User would like to extend the rental period, please contact the Customer Service by +886-979-771-300, E-MAIL [email protected], LINE ID: @smp5418x. Any extension without prior notice and approval by Unite Traveler shall be deemed as loss or overdue (not returning the products either directly or by mail before the date of return). The User hereby agrees to, and authorizes Unite Traveler the use of the credit card provided by the User during the application against the late charges or compensation costs; further consents will not be required. The User shall abide by the regulation hereabove without objection.
  4. If there is any malfunction of the products, the User should contact the Customer Service by +886-979-771-300, E-MAIL [email protected], LINE ID: @smp5418x. If the User does not inform in time, the User automatically renounces his/her own right, without objection, and waives any claims of any subsequent damage or inconvenience caused by this malfunction.
  5. The User is still bound by the regulations herein, even the credit card information is not provided by the User during application. The User will return all rental devices, accessories and packaging boxes at the end of the rental period, without loss or damage. In the event of breach or overdue, Unite Traveler may impose subsequent compensation costs or late charges as per regulations herein. The User will accept the costs or charges without objection.
  6. Fair Usage Policy.
    A limitation on network data usage may be imposed by the service country/area. Extensive period of watching online TV, videos, downloading large-sized files, online games and etc. may slow or stop the network. For such events, the User may not apply for refunds or damage claims to Unite Traveler.
  7. The regulations hereabove are only in effect during the rental period. The effect of the rental agreement shall immediately cease upon the complete returning of the products, and without damage.
  8. Our employees are obliged by confidentiality agreements to respect the morality of their occupations and the confidentiality of the User’s personal data and data secrecy by law.
  9. In regards of “Credit Card Security Deposit Authorization Form”, Unite Traveler retains the right to review and decline the applications.
  10. The User hereby agrees to abide and fully acknowledges the Regulations of Use and Compensation for Damage or Loss of Rental Devices stated above, without objection.